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  • Stone Age Hooligans cNFT
    Stone Age Hooligans - TBA





    CNFT.IO is a marketplace for Cardano Non-Fungible Tokens Launched in July 2021 as the first on Cardano. This is currently by far the biggest and most well known cNFT marketplace


    The latest cNFT marketplace to go live is Their vision is to create a powerful and easy to use platform that allows anyone to mint and trade cNFT's

Analytics & Sales DATA


    Track all time, weekly, & previous 24 hr sales data Currently this site only displays CNFT sale data from but hopes to add others as they become available


    Explore and compare token metadata, rarity and much more. Limited projects listed currently but more added daily


    Similar to TokenRef with a slightly different selection of supported projects listing



    Allows you to view your visually wallet and the cNFTs it contains, as well as view token minting and transactions in real time


    Use this tool to double check token policy I.D's, track transactions and the mintage status of project in ongoing sales cnft

Compatible Wallets

cNFT’s are only compatible with Shelly era Cardano wallets. Never send or purchase cNFT’s to, or from non Shelly wallet, eg. an exchange wallet

  • Yoroi

    While not the only cNFT compatible wallet. This is the only wallet i'm comfortable recommending as its the only one I have experience with and so far cannot fault it

Yoroi cnft wallet

Communities & Influencer's

  • KaizenCrypto (Twitter)

    One of the biggest personalities within the cNFT community is KaizenCrypto. If you follow them you can be safe in the knowledge that they will inform of the biggest and latest Cardano NFT news and announcements

  • JackIngrimCrypto (Youtube)

    Jack regularly produces some of the best cNFT content on Youtube (&Twitter), the reason I'm so fond of his channel, is because his passion and methodology within the space both speak for themselves

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